Schedule Me Pretty

With Thanksgiving only a month away, the Little House is undergoing some much needed organization (I’ll have more to post on that next week). In keeping with that spirit, we thought we’d do some housekeeping here at LHBH, too. The hubs and I have decided on a loose schedule to help us keep up with LHBH and to give you guys better posts. We’re kinda excited about it (so are our kiddos… they’re hugging it out).

Because Every Post Needs A Picture

MONDAY: Free Day. This might be travel tips from our weekend trips, reviews of some gadget we’re loving, or a DIY project from the weekend we just can’t wait to share.

TUESDAY: Coupon Kids Challenge Update. We’ll share where we are on our way to saving $1000 by couponing and share any great deals we found so you can be coupon kids, too!

WEDNESDAY: Recipe Day. I love to cook. Someday when I grow up, I’m going to write a cookbook or open a restaurant/bakery. Until then, I’m going to share my recipes with you.

THURSDAY: Delimma Day. We’ll be posting design and DIY delimmas from the Little House. We’re new to the DIY/homeownership scene, so we need your advice! We’d also love to feature some of our reader’s delimmas, too!

FRIDAY: DIY Friday. On Friday we’ll share one DIY project that we’ve finished throughout the week.

So today’s delimma: What do you think of our schedule? Are we silly to constrain ourselves? Do you have a loose schedule for your blog that helps to keep you honest? Is there anything you’d like to see in the future at LHBH?


15 thoughts on “Schedule Me Pretty

  1. I think it’s a great idea and I’m jealous of it, honestly! I toyed with this idea, but my thoughts are so over the place I think a schedule would stress me out in the long run. I’m excited to see how this works for you!

  2. It’s such a hard decision, isn’t it? I did consider scheduling, because as you say, it takes some of the pressure off. But in the end I thought I might put people off visiting if they weren’t interested in that day’s ‘thing’. It sounds awful but I’d rather they checked in on the blog, and THEN decided they didn’t want to read it! Not that I’m a pessimist or anything…

  3. Loving the schedule idea! I pretty much wing it except for friday’s when i do inspiration stamps, and the third Tuesday of the month when i share products i love. That’s about all I want to worry about right now, otherwise there is too much for me to keep track of 😛

    Can’t wait for Thursdays & Fridays! And on Wednesday I have to remember to eat my lunch and then look at your delicious food you prepare 😛

  4. I think it’s a great idea to have a general schedule, you are exactly right, it will take some stress off. My suggestion is throw in a random post every now and then, that doesn’t stick to the schedule, just for fun! And sidenote, I went grocery shopping on Wednesday night and saved a whole $18 at Kroger, and I thought… hmmm, I wonder if we could save $1000 too lol!!

    • I bet you could! We saved $32 dollars last night off our State Fair admission (regular admission is $16 per person and we got in for $2) just for donating six old cans of hominy and green beans that had been sitting in our pantry for ages! It’s surprisingly easy!

      Thanks for the suggestion! I’m sure a random post or two will slip out here and there. I only mostly like the idea of being organized, not actually sticking with organization. 🙂

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