Let’s Talk Turkey. And Powerwashers.

DIY projects have been few and far between at the Little House of late. Don’t worry, it’s just the calm before the storm. Things are about to get ca-razy around here. Why?

Both Kevin and my families are coming  for Thanksgiving and we want to have the Little House in tip-top form. That means a month or so of frenzied cleaning, sprucing up, and DIY-project finishing. We have a list a mile long of projects we hope to finish, including (but not limited to):

– an Ikea trip to purchase additional dining chairs (we only have 4)
– hang wedding pictures
– caulk the cracks in the crown moulding in our bedrooms
– replace the rest of the electrical outlets in the house
– sell our eBay/Craigslist pile
– trim the bushes in the front yard and crepe myrtles in the back
– have a chimney sweep out
– replace ugly white ceiling fans in bedrooms
– powerwash sidewalks and deck
– paint front door
– sand and condition kitchen counters
– dining room curtains
– wallpaper living room bookshelves
– do something with the ottomans
– paint the bedrooms (maybe)

This past weekend, we crossed the powerwashing off the list. Kevin got his new powerwasher out for the first time. It was a refurbished model that we got for less than half the original price.

Kevin was very excited to play with his new toy.

I’m not going to lie… so was I. Side note: bare feet + powerwasher = not a good idea.

The powerwasher took decades of dirt and moss off our sidewalks. It looks like we had new sidewalks poured.

Are we the only ones that go crazy when family comes to visit? Do you have Thanksgiving plans yet? What are your plans for the weekend? Kevin and I are headed out tonight for a quick weekend getaway to fabulous Las Vegas.


10 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Turkey. And Powerwashers.

  1. Powerwashing looks fun!! David has been asking for that, a miter saw, or handgun for his bday. Silly man. We rarely have family visit (and NEVER for the holidays) so I can only imagine the fun and the stress. My parents are divorced so we bounce around all over the good state of TX for both Nov. and Dec. It wears us out. We hope to stop all the crazy travels when we have kids though.

    • For Christmas, we’re flying from Dallas to Indianapolis to see my family, then flying from Indianapolis to Tampa to see Kevin’s family, then flying back home…. which is why we decided we should ask them to come to us for Thanksgiving. 🙂

      Once we have kids we probably won’t travel as much, either.

      • Ha ha ha, you’ll still travel more than you’d like with the kids in tow. Our girls will be two at the end of December and we’ve done NC, VA, NC and back and forth and back again for the past two holiday seasons. :sigh: It’s exhausting.

        But yes, I do go into psycho-must-finish-all-projects-now mode before entertaining family. And I often manage to add projects as I work. And ya know what? Nobody ever seems to notice anything besides my kids. 😉

  2. Vegas is awesome! Where are you staying?

    I totally know the panic of getting ready for families coming over. In our first year of marriage, we had both our families over for Thanksgiving and Easter, lots of work, but well worth it. (Plus if the dinner is at your place, you get the left overs – yum, turkey sandwices). It’s really the only way we can see both of our families at holidays.

    • That’s not the whole list. I figured if we included the whole list no one would make it to the powerwasher bit.

      Thanks for pointing that out. That’s what happens when my brain goes faster than my fingers. 🙂

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