Mr. Nice Husband and an Update

Remember yesterday when I waxed poetic about what a great husband I have? Yeah, he did it again. He went and got all good-husbandy on me.

See what I’m holding?? Yeah. A DSLR. See what I mean? I go and get a mucho expensive ticket and this guy gets me a Canon Rebel XS.

So here’s the story. The hubs had bought this camera before we found out how much my ticket was. One of the deal sites he looks at daily,, listed this camera, plus a bag, SD card, and training video for about half of what they would normally retail for. Being the awesome deal seeking hubby that he is, he bought it to surprise me.

This also explains why the hubs wanted to save $1000 instead of the $750 for the Coupon Kids Challenge– he wanted to include what he paid for the new camera. We’re still going to save the $1000 in six months; we’ll either upgrade to a newer camera then or use the money for our summer trip.

We’re already well on our way to our savings goal. So far we’ve saved:

  • $21 at Kroger using our Plus card – they had a huge meat sale (and you know I couldn’t pass up huge meat 😉 )
  • $0.65 at Sam’s Club Gas Station using our Sam’s card
  • $151 online at GNC (for our 4-month vitamin supply) – they had a one-day sale and the hubs had a coupon
  • $13 at Goodwill on 11×14 Target picture frame – sells at Target for $17 and I paid $4

For a grand total of: $185.65 saved!

Score any good deals over the weekend? Has your other half done anything ridiculously sweet lately? Is it weird to take pictures of yourself in your pajamas in front of your ugly bathroom mirror?

PS. Be honest– what do you think of the background change?
PPS. As per your suggestions I lightened the background a little. Better?


11 thoughts on “Mr. Nice Husband and an Update

  1. Congrats on the DSLR! What a fun surprise! Which kind did you end up with??

    The background is really cute, but it’s hard to see all the stuff on the right bar. Maybe lighting it up or add a border behind the right bar??

  2. No way! Does my husband talk to your husband? Do they read some blog we don’t know about that sends subliminal messages about surprising your wife with a DSLR? Because Rick surprised me with one about 2 weeks ago. How amazing are these guys?!

    Have fun learning yours–I’m already a little overwhelmed! 🙂

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