We Were Framed!

I love Saturdays. I love getting to sleep in until 8am (instead of getting up at 5:25 like usual) and waking up to the smell of the hubs making fresh coffee, eggs, and bacon. Seriously, this happens almost every Saturday we’re home. Needless to say, I’ve got a keeper. Any man who will bring you fried food and fresh coffee in bed on a regular basis  is grade-A husband material in my book. I’m not sure how this man wasn’t having to beat girls off with a stick when I met him (three years ago tomorrow), but I’m damn glad I snatched him up when I did! I mean, just look at those bacon-frying baby blues.

But I digress. This Saturday, breakfast in bed didn’t happen. Instead, the hubs took me for donuts and Goodwill (seriously, could he get any better?). Somehow we managed to get out of the store with only having spent $4 on a brand new 11×14 Target photo frame (seen here, we saved $13 towards the camera!). There was part of a peeled off sticker on the front, but it was nothing a little Goo-Gone couldn’t handle.

I liked the espresso frame, but decided I’d like it better white. After scrounging in the utility closet for a few minutes I came up with a can of primer and white spray paint (used previously here).

Three thin coats of primer got me here:

And three more coats of white spray paint and some Goo-Gone got me here.

 I’m planning on swapping Kevin’s graduation photo for a wedding photo (probably this one). I think it will contrast well with the white mat and frame. I just have to get a 5×7 of it printed.

How you all had a great weekend. Do anything exciting/thrifty/fall-y?


7 thoughts on “We Were Framed!

  1. What a great deal on the frame! And I love your wedding photo.
    We haven’t done anything around the apartment for the last few weeks (or for the last couple of months, actually) but the weather is starting to get cooler, so maybe we’ll start spending more time inside and actually working on something!

  2. I went to a friend’s baby shower across the country (well, two hours out of London anyway! It’s a long way for England!) and spent some time with other friends in the city she lives in (Bristol). It was a good girly weekend.
    That pic is amazing!

    • We can drive west for two hours and barely make it out of the Dallas-Ft. Worth metro area 🙂

      It’s one of my very favorite wedding photos! We’ve had the digital images for four months now, so it’s probably time we actually got around to getting them printed.

  3. I am thinking about using YHL’s hallway project for above the buffet in my dining room. I love their Ikea frames, however, I am Ikea-less in Winnipeg, MB, Canada. I think I should Thrift Stores. Save some money, get different sizes and paint ’em how I want them! I never think about painting picture frames… thanks for the reminder 🙂

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