The Coupon Kids

I was hoping to have another floor lamp makeover story for you today, but the search for the right shade of grellow to match the throw pillows continues. Instead, I have a story and a challenge.

The story: I got a ticket. I was running late for work, I was still half asleep (it was 6:30 am), and I cut off a motorcycle cop.Β  I am usually very, very cautious around motorcycles. And cops. But wait, before you laugh– it gets worse. My state inspection and registration were also overdue. They expired while we were on our honeymoon and I just hadn’t gotten around to taking care of them.Β  Oh, and I had a headlight out. Yeah. Fail.

Total value of the ticket? $725 or one DSLR camera — because that’s what it cost me. Instead of going camera shopping, I get to take a money order down to the Dallas County clerk’s office. Basically, I feel like a road apple that’s been run over by a car, rained on, run over again, and then mopped up by the street sweeper (if you’re not from the country and don’t know what a road apple is, try this) for having cost us a new camera. To make it up, I’ve given my self a challenge.

What the Ticket Cost: Nikon D3100

The challenge: Save enough money to cover the ticket (and then some) using coupons, sales, thrifting, online deals, and any other money-saving techniques I can think of. I’ll keep track of how much I save and update weekly on our progress and share any great deals we found.

The goal is to save $1000 in six months.

Our friends have always called Kevin and I the Coupon Kids because we don’t like to pay full price for anything. They haven’t seen anything yet!

Do you coupon? Have any tips for a novice? Accidentally cut off any motorcycle cops lately or had to spend the money you were saving for something big on something else?

PS. Happy Birthday Jon-san! Saki saki saki bomb!


23 thoughts on “The Coupon Kids

  1. I’m so sorry to hear about your ticket! But it sounds like a great challenge.
    And yeah, we were saving up for an induction cooktop, but when our friends gave it to us as a gift I thought – yesss KitchenAid mixer! (they’re very expensive here, 400-500 euros).
    BUT. Then the oven we thought we worked didn’t work very well. And my boyfriend’s been having back problems, so we might have to buy a new mattress, boxspring, etc.
    So no KitchenAid for me this year, I think…
    On the plus side, I was planning on replacing my three year old laptop next year, but it broke down and Apple is giving me a new one! So I won’t have to buy a computer next year.

    • Oh, bummer! I couldn’t live without my KitchenAid (well, probably I could, I managed for 24 years without it, but still).

      Awesome on the computer though! I need a new one of those, too, but that purchase is waaaay in the future. We’ll probably just try to rebuild my current one (I say we, but it will definitely be Kevin. I know zero about computers).

  2. I’ve gotten a ticket before and I felt terrible about for a few days but after I paid it I just got over it. Not worth fighting it.

    Are you planning on buying the Nikon D3100? We just bought it (Joe blogged about shopping for it here) and absolutely love it. I actually have a post in the works with some of our first shots with it.

    Good luck with couponing. I always try to but tend to forget them or they expire before I get the chance to. It’s sort of annoying but Joe and I make up for it in sales and using credit cards that offer cash/points back. Every little bit helps. Good luck!!

    • After doing a lot of research on entry level DLSRs we decided we really want to go with the D3100. We were thinking about getting it soon (as in ordering it this weekend), but will probably wait until after Christmas now. 😦

      You’ll have to share any tips/tricks you learn!

  3. You know what? Everything always seems to work out in the end. Maybe by the time you’ve saved up for the camera again it’ll be cheaper or it’ll be a new model, and you’ll be sort of glad (haha, that might be going a bit far) that you got the ticket.
    Like… I got mugged last week (grrr) and then I went on holiday before the insurance was sorted out and I was so bummed I was going to be iphone-less for weeks and THEN the new iphone 4s was announced whilst I was away and the insurance company paid out in cash (and it’s actually cheaper to replace with the new one that the old one) and so…. basically I’m getting a free update to the brand new iphone thanks to someone nicking my phone. It was still annoying and a tad scary, but it’s worked out pretty well, all in all.

  4. I’m with you in being thrify these days!! I was invited to 7 weddings this summer (3 of which I was in…one was canceled AFTER I bought the $150 dress…5 of which I attended) so I’m BROKE. I’ve been garage sale-ing, cutting coupons, trying to eat really thrifty (cereal for dinner anyone?) and drinking coffee only at Katie’s house (haha!). I wish I had great tips but I don’t really…so sorry that happened!!!

  5. I buy almost all my clothes on clearance or at stores like Ross, T.J. Maxx etc. Target also always puts their inventory on sale at some point so if I find something that I have to have I just wait until it goes on sale (which can be a proccess!). A lot of grocery stores in my neck of the woods also offer digital coupons so you can upload the coupons you want to use straight to your savings card. Hopefully stores in Texas do the same! Good luck!

    • Ooh. I’ll have to try that!

      The hubs and I went to Kroger this weekend and they were having a HUGE sale on their meat. We got some pork chops, bone-in ribeyes (for date nights in), and burger– and saved $19!

    • Dallas county is basically almost bankrupt. I guess they’re desperate to make money any way they can. 😦

      We get our first post-challenge-start insert tomorrow, so hopefully there will be some good deals. Usually it just goes straight into recycling, though.

  6. Oh my goodness! Good luck!! i just decided to start couponing…hopefully I can save a little also πŸ˜‰ And I thought getting a $510 ticket for running across railroad tracks (just as the gates started to go down/ring) was bad!

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