They’re Here!

The hubs and I have been in the hunt for new cookware for a couple of months now (we even blogged about it here). We finally decided on tri-ply stainless steel because of its better conductivity and durability compared to aluminum and copper cookware. Remember the metal sandwich idea?

image from

We’ve been comparing reviews, pricing, and aesthetics of different sets and finally decided we wanted to go with Cuisinart Multiclad Pro. It’s more affordable than AllClad, but has the same composition and construction, not to mention almost 100% positive reviews on Amazon.

I’ve never met a person that can get deals like my husband. MSRPs quiver under his gaze and coupons line up just to get the chance to be used by him. He’s that good. I’ve seen him work his magic a thousand times, but sometimes his deal-getting genius amazes me– like this Saturday.  While browsing Amazon, I noticed that the Cuisinart set we’ve had our eye on had come down in price $50.

Then my smart little hubs called Kohls and asked them to price match Amazon’s online price. When they agreed, the hubs whipped the big guns: a 15% off coupon, taking the price down to about $180. But wait. There’s more. Kohls is currently running one of their Kohls Cash promotions, so we got another $30 back, taking the grand total for our pans to $150!

The exciting part is that they arrived yesterday! They’re gorgeous, beautiful, shiny– and I’m already emotionally attached.

Have you snagged any amazing deals lately? Researched a purchase for two months before buying? Have you ever got weak in the knees for kitchen gadgets (that Kitchenaid and those pans are enough to turn me into a puddle of jelly)?


5 thoughts on “They’re Here!

  1. We love our stainless steel pots & pans (these are ours)! They took a little while to get used to (we had been using Teflon as long as we had been cooking) but now we’re cooking up a storm all the time. It’s amazing!

    You’re going to love them!! And what a great price!

  2. Hot diggity! Those are awesome…and boy, oh boy how I love a good deal! We’ve been needing/thinking about getting new pots/pans for a while. When we got married we registered for the basics but both of us had a lot of hand-me-downs too. Plus we didn’t know what to register for and I’m not too thrilled w/ my choices. Oh the lessons we learn. 🙂 Enjoy your new cookware!

  3. Wish I had a way with words like your husband! Every time a try to call a place like Kohls and get them to price match Amazon they always explain their way out of it. I’m actually looking to get some new cookware so maybe I’ll give the Cuisinarts a try!

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