The Shelf Life

We’ve got a really exciting post for you today, folks! Step right up and see the suspense filled transformation of a dysfunctional drawer system into a fully functioning shelving unit! And all for $8!

When we bought the LH, the kitchen had already been remodeled with Ikea cabinetry. There was only one issue. Not to point fingers, but…

That poor little cabinet in the corner had all kinds of issues. First, the door didn’t open all the way because of the window sill. Because of that, the nifty pull out baskets inside couldn’t do what they do and pull out.

We had two options: 1) notch the window sill so the door could open or 2) remove the drawers in favor of shelves. We definitely weren’t fans of hacking up our sills, so we opted for the shelves. On our last trip to Ikea, we picked up a set of two lower cabinet shelves for a whopping $8. Have I mentioned I love Ikea?

Image from

The hubs was more than happy to break out his new rubber mallet to put the pegs in for the shelves, which took the cabinet from this:

To this:

I’m sure that picture is here somewhere. I’ll try again. To this:

No? Nothing?

Okay, so GIMP ate my real before and after photos. Good news, I’ve got to run home at lunch anyway, so I’ll snap some new ones and add them soon!

Stay tuned folks for the exciting conclusion of Shelf Life!


7 thoughts on “The Shelf Life

  1. Can’t wait to see part 2.
    I actually have a junk drawer that I was thinking about organizing last night. It’s out of control. I don’t even know what’s in there anymore. Ha.
    You’ve inspired me to take a little time (and little money…seriously, it’s just a drawer Faith) and fix this problem.

  2. Naught, naughty GIMP! Well…not really, i love GIMP…but that little monkey-image-program should not be eating things that it doesn’t own!

    Looking forward to seeing the finished shelves – yay Ikea and your inexpensive solutions!

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