Ring Around the Rosie

PS. Happy Birthday to my amazing Mummy! Have a wonderful day!

Truth be told, the Little House isn’t exactly looking fall-y. We haven’t had a chance to put out mums yet and I’m afraid that if we put pumpkins out now (while its still in the upper 90’s), we’d be left with roasted pumpkins in less than a week. Still, we need something to acknowledge my favorite season. Cue the fabulous DIY-ed wreath!

Last week while browsing Pinterest I stumbled across the three wreaths I showed you yesterday. In the spirit of actually doing what I see on Pinterest, I went to the craft store on my lunch hour and came home with this bag of goodies (And yes, that’s Vanna White. She her own line of yarn. Other celebs have perfumes and clothing lines, but not Vanna! She has shiny yarn perfect for your wreath-wrapping needs).

First, I wrapped the foam circle in the chocolate yarn. I started by tying off the first wrap and holding it down with a tiny dollop of hot glue. I then proceeded to wrap. And wrap. And wrap. And wrap some more I think it took an entire episode of the X-factor and Secrets from a Stylist to completely cover the ring in yarn. When I was (finally) finished, I had something like this.

Next, I criss-crossed Vanna’s shiny yarn to argyle-up my plain brown wreath. Fievel was a big fan of the wreath at this stage.

Next, I followed this tutorial on how to make felt flowers for the wreath. Basically, all I did was cut out different sized peanut shapes and hot glue them together. I think I may love hot glue almost as much as I love spray paint. Almost.

A couple more dollops of hot glue later and I was left with one snazzy wreath.I actually kinda like it hanging on the mantel (I just hung it there because it was too dark out for pictures). Maybe I’ll just have to make another for the front door and leave that guy there.

I don’t have a grand total, but I do know I spent less than $20 on all the supplies for this project. The felt sheets were about a quarter each (I used less than one sheet per flower), the yarn was about $4 a skein (I have tons left for future projects) , and the foam wreath form was about $5.

What fall inspired projects have you done lately? Anyone else slightly embarrassed that they can’t stop watching the X-factor?


8 thoughts on “Ring Around the Rosie

  1. Oh I love it! I never realized how cheap it was to make wreaths! Maybe I’ll have to try it out myself. I’m trying to be more artsy crafty so I’m attempting to make burp rags this weekend for an upcoming baby shower…should be fun/interesting! 🙂

  2. A. Your wreath is adorable and tasteful. Perfect for fall. 🙂
    B. Vanna White rocks my world. Never knew she rocked the yarn section of craft stores.
    C. Hot glue rocks my world, too.
    D. The picture of your kitty IN THE WREATH rocks my world, too. I love it, and he’s super cute. 🙂

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