I Love Lamp

Work has been rough lately. Super stressful. And just like Erin over at His & Hers (who made a million pillows after a stressful week), when I get stressed I get crafty. Just give me a glue gun or a new cupcake recipe and stand back. Last week, this floor lamp didn’t take the hint. It didn’t stand back. It just stood there looking black and broken and shabby — the perfect victim candidate. I had a can of white spray paint and it had a date with destiny.

My mom and I had previously tried to spray paint this guy a pearly white while I was out of work for my shoulder. We didn’t bother to prime the lamp though (oops), and ended up with more of a silver gray.

We’d been living with this guy silvery gray for a while, and I just wasn’t digging it. He needed a change. Enter one can of Semi-gloss White Rust-oleum.

Three thin coats later, I was feeling much less stressed and Mr. Lamp was looking something like this.

Add a new Ikea shade I picked up last month and Mr. Lamp was looking quite dapper indeed (can you see why I’m jonesing for a DSLR?).

Now I’m just concerned he doesn’t stand out enough next to the white couch (which really, really needs its slip cover straightened out. yeesh). Thoughts?

Have you had any rage induced spray paint (or similar) binges lately?


14 thoughts on “I Love Lamp

  1. Can’t tell very well, but looks like the lampshade is gray, so you’ve got 2 neutrals. What if the base were a bright yellow or turquoise? That would make it really bold and funky, so maybe you don’t want to let it steal that much attention you could go with a softer version with less color saturation. Try to bring a new color to contrast against the blue and green (which are my faves, but I’m starting to embrace yellow to liven things up.)

    • We have a Craigslist pile dedicated to that purpose. Whatever we get from selling the random things we throw in there we put towards a camera!

      We’re probably only going to go with a entry-level DSLR since I will have to learn how to use it, but I CAN’T WAIT.

  2. 1. I LOVE the green print. I bet you made it…yes?? So cute.
    2. I am so jealous of your couch. I blogged about that couch a while back. So obsessed. 🙂
    3. I used that exact spray paint to do a lamp I redid too! I think it looks good on yours.

    That’s all for now. LOVE your blog!

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