Hoosier Blogger?

The hubs and I took a whirlwind tour of the great state of Indiana this weekend, visiting our Alma Mater, Rose-Hulman, for homecoming, my parents for their birthday, my hometown heritage festival, and to see our Indianapolis Colts play the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday Night Football. Suffice it to say we put a lot of miles on our rental car this weekend (almost 300 miles by Google Maps reckoning).

We started off the weekend at our 2011 Homecoming celebration at Rose-Hulman.

For our small school, Homecoming is the one time a year where everyone (and I mean everyone) comes back. Its less about the football and more about seeing your old college friends. Oh, and the (3-story) bonfire.

On Saturday, we left the great city of Terre Haute and headed east to my hometown, Hope. We got to hang out with my family, see my sister’s ultrasound photos (it’s a girl!), and attend the annual festival, Hope Heritage Days. We were even dumb lucky enough to help stage the parade on Sunday morning (in the pouring rain) with my dad. Isn’t the hubs cute in his Parade Official get-up?

After the parade on Sunday night we got to go up to Indianapolis to see our Colts play. They lost (again), but the game was really close and I spent most of the night screaming at the blind referees cheering on our team. We’ll get them next week, Colts!

So that was our weekend… what did you do?


4 thoughts on “Hoosier Blogger?

  1. I love bonfires!
    My weekend was a bit (a lot) lazy, actually – hung around the apartment on my own on Saturday (baking pastries!) while my boyfriend played handball, and then we both went to lunch at a friends house on Sunday and spent the afternoon there playing board games.

  2. That sounds like a fun weekend! I have never been to a bonfire that big and now I want to! We had my bachelorette party this weekend (I’ll try to post it on the blog this week but I’m a little behind).

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