Little House. Big Goals.

Lately its seemed like the hubs and I have made very little progress on the Little House. Sure, we’ve painted a few rooms,

bought some new Ikea furniture,

and installed a washer and dryer

but all-in-all, we’ve been too busy to really do much. It’s a little frustrating, but we know we’ll get there eventually. In that spirit (of trying to be patient), I thought I’d make a list of our big goals for the Little House. Here goes:

  1. Remove the large, unsightly stone structures that take up our whole backyard (one is built over a concrete-filled hot tub). Time frame: Spring 2011

    Listing Photo

  2. Gut and reno the bath. We love the mint green and hexagon floor tile, but they’re beyond repair. Timeframe: Fall 2012
  3. Sod the yard. We’d rather seed, but apparently St. Augustine grass (what we’d like to plant) is a sterile grass and cannot be seeded. Timeframe: Spring 2010

    photo from Natural Technologies

  4. Redo the kitchen floor and add kickboards to our Ikea cabinets. Nearly every tile is cracked on the current floating tile floor. We’re also not fans of the industrial steel legs on the cabinets (and I might be a smidge tired of chasing dog/cat toys from the deep, dark depths). Timeframe: Winter 2011

    Listing Photo

  5. Finish our bedrooms. We have done absolutely zero to either bedroom and they need it. Here’s an inspiration room (from Pinterest, of course) I’m digging for our master. I love the subdued color palette and texture variations. Timeframe: Winter 2011/Spring 2012

    from House Beautiful

So that’s our biggest plans for the LH. We have several small projects here and there planned and we’ll share those as they come along!

What are your biggest plans for your place? I’ve got to run and catch a plane to Indiana for RHIT‘s homecoming, my parent’s birthdays, and (maybe) my high school reunion, but have a great weekend!


5 thoughts on “Little House. Big Goals.

  1. Sounds like a busy weekend!
    We have a few big goals – like changing the kitchen countertops, adding an outdoor tent/canopy, building outdoor cabinets to store random stuff – but they’re all money and/or labor intensive so they’ll have to wait a while.
    I love the inspiration image for the master bedroom!

  2. Have a nice flight! You’ve got a pretty busy weekend ahead.

    Your house looks like a really great fixer upper.

    “What are your biggest plans for your place?” My big plans are to actually find a place. I’m in the process of trying to get a home loan *fingers crossed* or find a new/bigger apartment.

  3. I hear ya. We have actually done an enormous amount to the house… but it seems like just a tiny droplet lost in an ocean. Keep at it… as we’re always told, “It doesn’t have to all be done at once.” Love the blog and updates!

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