Ohio is for Lovers. And Antiquing.

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, we were in Dayton, Ohio this weekend of our friends Joel and Bethany’s wedding. Kev was a groomsman, so I had some time to sneak off while he was performing his pre-wedding groomsman-ly duties and go to two HUGE antique malls just down the highway from our hotel.

The first, Springfield Antique Center, had over 500 vendors. I was in heaven.

via Vintage Indie

I found Mr. Piggy‘s widow and six orphans.

I also found the perfect wrench for odd jobs around LH (it was literally as tall as me). It even came with its own convenient carrying case.

My meanderings also led me to this charming couple (I blurred out her bits a little, they were a little too, um… saggy for showing).

I had decided my mission while shopping (I always have a mission when I shop… it keeps me focused-ish) was to find vintage barware for our soon-to-be dining room bar/buffet. In particular, I wanted a seltzer bottle, vintage glasses/pitcher, and a Boston shaker with a strainer. I found a couple gorgeous porcelain and glass seltzer bottles, but they were in the $85-$100 price range. Too rich for my blood. Luckily, I found the perfect Tom Collins-ish glasses. They’re rubberized glass with a white paint swirl. I’ve found a matching pitcher on ebay that I’m watching. I love how retro they are! I took these babies home for an easy $24. They even survived the plane ride back to Dallas.

I also found this awesome globe for $20 at the AAA Antique Mall next door. I loved the gray stand and that about half the countries are different now. We can’t find a date on it, but it has countries like Tanzanika on it. Unfortunately, I forgot I was flying home. Just for future reference (in case you happen to buy a globe 1000 miles from home), globes do not fit in overhead compartments. They do not fit in the under seat baggage area. And flight attendants are a little miffed when you have to fight traffic boarding the plane to get back to the front and try stash your globe in the coat closet. Walking through the Dayton airport, we got a lot of comments on my globe like : “Hey, can’t you afford a real GPS?” and “Afraid you’ll get lost?”

The rest of the weekend was a little less relaxed than my antique shopping. Our friends Joel & Bethany tied the knot in Dayton. (I scored my green wrap dress at H&M on sale for $25 and the earrings at Forever 21 for $3.80)

On Sunday morning we were up-and-at-em by 3:30 am and on a plane to Houston by 6. We landed and had just enough time to make it to Reliant Stadium to see our Indianapolis Colts take on the Houston Texans. Let’s just say it wasn’t a pleasant afternoon. The beer was cold. The nachos were superb. The view wasn’t even that bad. But our team? Not so hot. It’s going to be a long season.

Found any treasured antiquing lately? Attended any gorgeous weddings? How did your team fare this weekend?


5 thoughts on “Ohio is for Lovers. And Antiquing.

  1. hahaha about the blurry saggy woman parts and your globe comments. 🙂 I also try to have a mission when I shop–it makes me far less frustrated. Usually.

    (Love your idea about using pillows as projectiles. Must keep that in mind next time Rick makes a pillow-haters comment.) 😉

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