Report Card Time

New and Improved! Now with bathroom pictures!

Since moving into the Little House in April, the hubs and I have been busy. We’ve:

  1. got married in a fabulous DIYed wedding
  2. took an amazing honeymoon to Moorea, French Polynesia
  3. got a puppy
  4. had shoulder surgery

Looking back, it seems like we haven’t gotten far with the Little House. Considering how busy our summer was, however, we really have accomplished a lot. So what have we done? Let’s take a look, shall we?

1. Painted the living room a lovely shade of gray ( I can’t remember the name at the moment).

Kevin painted our gorgeous crown molding because he’s tall and we don’t trust me on a ladder with paint. Let’s just say Jess: 0, Gravity: 1.

Fievel liked to help keep the drop cloth in check.

We also changed out all the electrical outlets and faceplates in the room. The old ones were painted over and a fire hazard. Good thing I married an electrical engineer! (NOTE: the electricity was off and no husbands were harmed in the taking of this photo)

2. Filled in the gap between the trim and ceiling in the dining room and painted it Winter’s Day by Martha Stewart.

Our BFFs Danni and Jon came over to help us paint the dining room. We’ll just say Jon likes his caulk. While Jon played with Kevin’s caulk gun (hehe), Danni cut in the gray paint (either that or did the funky chicken with a paintbrush, I’m not sure which).

We also installed the new chandelier we made for the Pinterest Challenge.

3. Installed a new washer and dryer (scored on clearance from the Sears Outlet).

Since the hubs is 6’4″, I got to climb in behind the washer and hook up the hoses (which was fine by me– I got quality time with Wendy the Pipe Wrench). Before installing anything, we painted the entire laundry in a Behr Ultra Semi-Gloss White that would be easily cleanable. (Please excuse the cell phone photos 🙂 )

4. Fixed the kegerator.

This was a very important job. Thank goodness Kevin married a mechanical engineer.

5. We painted the bathroom a pale, pale almost-white green.

I was actually allowed on a ladder with paint (because literally every surface was covered with plastic)! As you can see, we used Valspar’s mold/mildew resistant paint in Semi-gloss. We had the color custom matched to our tile, then lightened by 75%.

Wanna see a picture of my husband in the shower? C’mon. You know you do.

We have about a million more things we’d like to do on the little house, including getting you some current shots of where we are now. In the immediate future, we’d like to make our office a useable space, buy/build a console table for behind the couch, and buy/build a sidetable/bar for the dining room.

We’ve got a few small projects here and there that we’re finishing up and hope to write about soon, so don’t touch that dial!

Anyone else ridiculously excited that football starts tonight?


7 thoughts on “Report Card Time

  1. You did make a lot of progress! I feel like a lot of time is spent unpacking, trying to figure out where you should put things and then changing your mind and reorganizing. Maybe that’s just me but I’m impressed you guys got so much done so far!!

  2. You guys have been busy! I love the pic of your kitty keeping the drop cloth in line. Cats make me laugh–don’t they do the funniest things? And my husband can also somehow rewire electricity without burning the house down or harming himself. I don’t know where he figured out how to do that…

    Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog–I was made curly and clumsy, too, and it has also taken me until now–my mid 20s too–to accept that. 🙂

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