Wedding Friday II

Here we go again! This wedding Friday I’ll be showing you one of the most DIYed parts of our wedding– our food!

Because the venue where we had our wedding had no kitchen, there was no way to heat food. This left much of the traditional wedding fare out of our options. Instead, we decided on a gourmet salad bar. And because the cost for catering a wedding as large as ours (250 people… we have huge families) was astronomical, we ended up preparing everything ourselves.

We had five salads: Caesar (with lemon grilled chicken, homemade garlic croutons, and shaved parmesean), Mexican (with chipotle flank steak, roasted corn, and home fried tortilla strips), Asian (with grilled sesame pork loin, mandarin oranges, and crispy noodles), Texas Cobb, and a traditional garden salad. I created all the recipes for marinades and dressings myself and then prepared them all the week leading up to the wedding at my mom’s restaurant. They looked beautiful once they were tossed.

Along with the salads, we had a cold, cucumber soup. It had just a little spiciness to it, but was still cooling on our scorcher of a wedding day. I know, it was the only thing I had time to eat!

The last salad we had was a bite-sized caprese salad with a (homemade) balsamic viniagrette. The basil came straight out of my mom’s herb house. We simply washed it and took it to the venue and tore it into the salad just before serving.

All of the ladies in Kevin and I’s families were very eager to help with our wedding. Since we were planning it from Texas, however, there wasn’t much that could be done. We still really wanted them to be a part of our wedding, though, so we asked each of them if they would consider contributing a dessert for our dessert bar (if you didn’t know, Midwestern women love to showcase their desserts). We ended up with a table full of pies, cakes, and cookies.

Even our wedding cake was homemade. My mamaw made one of here famous carrot cakes with her (dreamy) cream cheese icing for us.

So that’s Wedding Friday II! Be sure to check out Wedding Friday I if you missed it!

Have a great (and safe) holiday weekend!


10 thoughts on “Wedding Friday II

  1. Hi there! Just wanted to pop in and leave you a comment because I just stumbled on your blog. You look like you had a BEAUTIFUL wedding. When did you get married? We just got married recently, too…June 18th. I’m new to blogging and will definitely be checking out your blog for inspiration! 🙂

  2. Wow you were really brave!! Catering for 250 at your own wedding sounds like an impossible task. Everything looks great though – the salad bar was a great idea! And I love that the dessert table was made by everyone in the family!

    • It went by so fast! Kev and I had just sat down to try and wolf down some food when a pop-up thunderstorm blew in and started blowing over tables. We had to drop everything and rush around to save our milk glass vases from certain destruction. I ended up forgetting all about dinner.

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