The Garden will Rise Again

PS. Happy Birthday to my baby sister, Steph, and my BFF Danni! Have a great day girls!

As I mentioned in Monday’s post, our little garden didn’t fare so well this year. The one-two punch of a scorching Texas summer and a new puppy that loves to dig combined to completely knockout all my little veggie babies. Next year, I’d like to do a few things differently, starting with raised garden beds.

I’ve always loved raised gardens. The seem so English cottage-y and I like that (in my garden, at least). I’d really like to do a grouping of four small beds back by the fence. It would give a nice mix of sun and shade (so both the tomatoes and the chard would be happy) and be pretty to look at from the house.

Here’s what It might look like and yes, this is a Microsoft Paint rendering of my backyard. Bear with me.

I don’t know if I’d want gravel or grass around them. I’m guessing the hubs will vote gravel (less trimming), but he might not get a vote. We’ll likely have to fence them in since Indy loves dirt and digging and eating things that are supposed to taste bad (like tomato plants), none of which go well with a garden. I’d also like to rig up some sort of auto-watering sprinkler system so that when we go on vacation/forget to water everything doesn’t wither and fry like an egg on the sidewalk.

Here’s a little of what’s inspiring me:




Our gardens will definitely have a trellis like the one in the last picture. I love it! This may be a project that has to wait until I have two arms again (about February), but I’m already excited!

Have you tried raised gardens? Did your veggie babies fare better than mine this year? Do you have a designated “Man Cave,” too?


3 thoughts on “The Garden will Rise Again

  1. I love the way the raised gardens look. Our landlord uses the backyard to garden but he just has everything along the fence so often, food will go bad before we even notice what’s going on!

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