Wedding Friday I

The hubs and I finally got busy on our wedding thank yous, so I don’t feel as guilty sharing a little of our gorgeous DIYed wedding with you. I even thought we could make it a sort of thing, you know? You stop by on Friday, I show some wedding photos and Viola! It’s a party.

Kevin and I are both from the Midwest. Kevin was born and raised in the middle of Illinois and I am a southern Indiana girl. With that in mind, we decided to get married in Indianapolis (at the drop-dead-gorgeous Avon Gardens). It is a beautiful city and within easy driving distance of both our (huge) families. Only one problem. It is not easy driving distance from Dallas, Texas… home of the bride and groom. Call us crazy (and you wouldn’t be the first), but we decided to go ahead and plan a wedding from 1,000 miles away. Possibly not one of our brightest moments. Oh well, we’re still married in the end, right?

All of our flowers were done my my wonderful Aunt Kelly (as seen above on the arbor). She’s a super talented floral designer and did some beautiful arrangements for us!  For centerpieces, I collected antique milk glass on eBay for about three months and borrowed blue mason jars from family members. We grouped them in clusters in the center of the tables and filled them with hydrangeas, roses, Queen Anne’s lace, and delphinium (our colors were navy, green, and blush pink). We also bought table numbers from this etsy shop and spray painted them navy.

We used the blue mason jars as our aisle decorations as well (filled with more beautiful flowers by my Aunt Kelly).

We DIYed our programs to match our invitations (also 100% DIYed, but more on those some other day). It’s humid in Indiana in June, so we decided to make our invitations into fans. Kevin, his awesome best man Roddie, and his wife Brandi stamped, hot glued, and tied ribbons late into the night two days before the wedding. They turned out awesome!

Along with the programs, on their way to the ceremony area our guests were able to pick up bottles of water (it was hot… Indianapolis set a new record high that day) and an antique handkerchief (for tears of joy) that I also picked up for a song on eBay.

Finally, our guests were asked to sign our guest book by my dapper cousin, Donovan. This was one of my favorite parts of our wedding. I asked for photos of our family’s weddings and put them on display with Kevin and I’s guest book (a signable photo album featuring our engagement photos).

My lovely bridesmaids wore navy. I didn’t want to burden them with purchasing an expensive bridesmaid dress that they’d only wear once, so I let them pick their own dresses. I only asked that they be (mostly) navy and knee length. I loved the effect. It was very laid back, yet elegant (it was a garden wedding, after all) and the girls got dresses that they felt comfortable wearing and didn’t have to rob a bank to buy.

The groomsmen’s suits (sans jackets … again, it was hot) we were able to get at Macy’s on sale. I mean super sale. Like we saved more money than we spent sale. And to keep the mismatch theme going from the bridesmaids, each groomsman had a slightly different tie. The four ushers wore white shirts with green silk ties. Don’t they look… pensive?

That’s all folks! Check back next Friday for more Wedding Friday madness!

Think Wedding Friday is worth repeating? If so, any requests for what you’d like to see next week? Any big plans for the weekend?


10 thoughts on “Wedding Friday I

  1. I LOVE the fan idea. I’m not getting married anytime soon, but I want it to be a summer/outdoor wedding so that’s such a good idea! Will definitely do this 🙂

  2. My bridesmaids are wearing navy, too! I love how they all had different dresses. In retrospect, I would’ve loved to do that but our bridesmaids live all up and down the East Coast so who knows what the end result would’ve been!

    You have such cute details for your wedding! We’re going to have a table filled with our parents’ and grandparents’ wedding photos. I may put them on the guestbook table (it’s such a great idea) but it honestly depends on how much room we have!

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