Challenge…. Completed! Part I

Young House Love

Last week, Sherry from YHL and Katie from BP issued the Pinterest Challenge. They challenged themselves and their readers to create one project inspired by Pinterest pins. I accepted their challenge and spent part of this weekend working on my project! One is never enough around the little house, however, so the hubs and I decided to create a second project!

For my first project, we decided to go with the ribbon chandelier seen here:

We wanted to replace this too-traditional-for-our-taste chandelier in our teeny dining room (please excuse our cruddy camera):
We started with a $15 shade from Target, a $15 pendant light kit from Home Depot, ribbon, and hot glue. I’ve found the trick to get the hubs interested in about anything is to include a trip to the Depot, even if the rest of the shopping trip includes Target, JoAnn’s, and Michael’s.
The hubs cut ribbon strips to an exact 11 3/4 inches (he’s an engineer for sure) while I hot glued orange ribbon (it’s darker than the picture shows, again, ignore the cruddy camera) at an angle on the shade. Once all the orange ribbon was glued on the lamp, I wove the green ribbon through to create a basket weave. After getting all the green ribbon on the shade, I hot glued the ends down. Pretty hott, no?
Finally the hubs did his electrical engineering thing and hung the new pendant kit/lampshade duo. Ta-da!  Too bad this and the table are all that’s in our dining room.  Anyway, I think she’s pretty swanky. Maybe not a clothespin chandy but still. I made it. For about $30. Score.

Check back later on today for Pinterest Challenge project #2!


14 thoughts on “Challenge…. Completed! Part I

    • The hardest part was getting the shade to work with the light kit we bought. The shade itself was actually surprisingly easy. Once I had done a few strips I got into a groove and knocked it out pretty quickly. It only took about two hours to make the shade (and that includes time spent nursing the burns I got from the hot glue gun).

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  2. This looks awesome!!! I’ve been wondering what to do in our gender neutral nursery to replace the god-awful builder-grade light in there and this is perfect! I want something delicate but not too girly. If I do blue and green, the colors of our nursery, I think it will be perfect! Thank you!!!

    • Thanks Leanne! Just a tip on the light kit: make sure the shade you chose will work! We didn’t check and had to do some serious nerdy engineering (think washers, hot glue, and duct tape) to get it to work. And it still hangs a little crooked. We got our light kit at Home Depot, but I know they also have them at the Ikea in Denton.

      Good luck! It’s great to hear from a fellow DFW blogger!

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